Saturday, May 9, 2009

Professionoholic - For repition's sake!

I'm not just an Altoholic, I'm also a Professionoholic too.  With me the two go hand in hand, you have to have a lot of alts to have all the professions. 

Part of my motivation to both level alts and their professons is the promise of self-sufficiency. I can make my own flasks, I can make my own potions and potion injectors, do my own enchants. I can cut my own gems, make my own characters (and friends characters) starter gear, I can mostly make my own armor kits, leg enchant threads, and belt buckles.

I farm ore on my hunter mining slave while I stand around and look pretty and chat with my friends (and troll trade chat) on my main. I've made a little game out of trying to fill my bags and my two guild banks completely with ore.  I also manage to collect a nice amount of titanium and eternals. I do two transmutes (usually water -> fire) and make three titansteel a day. (This, too, pisses off my guildmates because the first thing I do when I get home from work is do those little bits of daily routine.)

When every single slot in both banks is full (and my guildmates in the guild I'm running on my main are like 'wtf is with all that ore?') I log on one of my DKs and start prospecting with my main and my DK, both max level JCers. The prospecting keeps my real guild's bank and my alt guild bank full of nice rare quality gems. 

What I'm doing is this:
Client 1: Prospect. 
Client 2: Prospect. 
Client 1: Loot. Prospect again.
Client 2: Loot. Prospect again.
Repeat until there's no more ore. 

The point of all the prospecting, though, is to make lots and lots of those crappy green quality gems no one seems to want. I use the large amount of eternal earth I collect to make hundreds of Crystal Citrine Necklaces, Bloodstone Bands, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, and Sun Rock Ring. I put both my main and the JC DK on my other account to work making these little items. 

If I need large shards I may opt to instead smelt some of the ore into bars, in which case I put my BS to work. 
If I have excess blue quality gems (Particularly Sky Sapphire, Forest Emerald, and Twilight Opal) and plenty of titanium, I may go ahead and craft some rare quality jewelry.  

By the end of my mischief making, the banks are no longer full of ore, but are instead full of assorted shardables, I've mailed the extras to my disenchanter via my DK... and the guild mates are still going "WTF?"

Then I sit down with my enchanter and start to destroy item after item. Usually by the time I'm done with it I'm groaning and wondering why I subject myself to the incessant clicking and waiting and looting. 

In the end I wind up with tons of enchanting materials and rare quality gems, enough to feed a growing raiding guild, or powerlevel a guildie's enchanting, or to make lots and lots of gold, and the gold can be used to get more patterns and/or JC tokens so I can sooner be able to craft more things people need, to pimp my personal army of alts, or to simply make people happy with gifts such as bike parts or epix. 

I've done some research to find some ways to make things like prospecting, milling, and disenchanting much easier and less annoying.  

You need autoloot turned on. Your ore and herbs need to be in multiples of 5.  You can have stacks of: 5, 10, 15, or 20. If you have 18, you'll eventually wind up with a stack of 3 and the macro will stop working. Dump odd numbers in your bank.

Here's a macro found on the WOW forums from From: Alestane of Bloodhoof and Malgaras of Fenris.

It lets you toggle autolooting on and off with the push of a button just for while you're doing the profession thing. I've added the "show" icon line. 

#show Solid Gold Coin
/run local aLD = 1 - GetCVar"autoLootDefault"; SetCVar("autoLootDefault", aLD); print("Auto Loot is now "..(aLD==1 and "on." or "off.")) 

On my prospecting toons: 
#show Saronite Ore
/cast Prospecting 
/use Saronite Ore
/use Cobalt Ore

On my milling toon:
#show Azure Pigment
/cast Milling 
/use Goldclover 
/use Adder's Tongue 
/use Deadnettle 
/use Talandra's Rose 
/use Tiger Lily 
/use Constrictor Grass 
/use Lichbloom 
/use Icethorn 

On my Disenchanting toon:
#show Infinite Dust
/cast Disenchant
/use Crystal Citrine Necklace
/use Bloodstone Band
/use Crystal Chalcedony Amulet
/use Sun Rock Ring
/use Deadly Saronite Dirk
/use Runed Mana Band
/use Sky Sapphire Amulet
/use Emerald Choker

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