Friday, May 8, 2009


I suppose I should actually write something here.

This is yet another WOW blog. Why? It's not like there aren't enough WOW blogs out there already. I just feel like writing stuff once in a while.

I first started playing WOW shortly after release. I played a mage. I got the mage to level 45 before my game card ran out. It took me a few weeks to get a new game card ran out and I decided that I'd push to 60 on it, instead of playing any of my other alts, alts that I was enjoying much more.

So I hit 60. I started raiding. I raided Molten Core. I leveled my warrior and really enjoyed it. I tried to switch to my warrior, a tank, as my main, but I hit numerous road blocks. I joined some friends in 20-29 on my priest, and as they leveled I also leveled. A particularly flirtatious female priest became an officer of the raiding group my guild was in an alliance with and one by one, a majority of our players were driven out of the group. I quit because the priest with a princess complex pretty much drove me up the wall.

BC dropped and I had four characters at 60. My roommate and I had gone in together to get an extra account to put guild bank characters on. It wound up in my name, not his, so when account transfers became available, we were unable to transfer the main bank alt to the account.

I did a character transfer and moved my priest to this new, extra account and became a dualboxer, leveling a warrior and a priest in tandem to 70. I really wanted to be my guild's offtank but my priest was more needed so I wound up with the priest as my main. As my guild increased in population we began to run Karazhan, I discovered that having all healers be of the same class had some downsides, so I rolled myself up a paladin and leveled post haste.

Eventually my guild began to transition into a raiding guild. We pushed through Tier 4 with ease, but our server had too many chiefs and not enough indians. I made the mistake of not zerg recruiting and we could never get those last five solid people and I didn't want to push T5 with pugs. My tanks burned out, then I got emotionally exhausted trying to hold things together and took a week off. The day before I came back I got hit with a virus and opted to not log into wow until I was 100% sure that I removed whatever crud I got on my computer. When I got back things had gone blargh. Exhausted, I contemplated quitting.

I had rolled an alt on a roleplay server and met a few people there. I thought deep and hard and decided to say goodbye to my friends and go to the roleplay server. (Oddly enough, the group fell back together several months after I left. I guess the friendships forged back then wound up being pretty meaningful.)

Eventually I joined a late night raiding guild on that server, opting to be an indian instead of a chief. I made lots of new friends, though I miss the old ones still, including a mouthy shadowpriest reroll from the other faction who told me to respec prot and tank endless heroics. He rebuilt the tanking confidence I had lost after setting my warrior aside. Said shadowpriest eventually emoquit.

I did wind up moving most of my characters to the RP server, it took several months to do but they eventually got destinated. By the time Wrath dropped I had 8 toons at 70, including one of each healing class. Paladin, Priest, Druid, Shaman, Mage, Rogue, Warrior, Hunter. (Ok, I lied, my druid was 79.)

Wrath hit when I was stuck doing a major deadline. I couldn't take time off to do insane stuff like push server first to 80. I dualboxed my Paladin and my hunter, whom had been created just to be my paladin's mining slave, on up to 80 and started raiding again.

When I got to 80, the guild I was in had selected a particluarly flirtatious priest with a female player to be healing lead. She didn't know that druids couldn't remove diseases, or other such things, and this, as someone who has all four healing classes at 70+, was very bothersome. After a long courtship with the rah of another guild and the priest making drama, I decided to gquit.

I had a few options, join the other guild, which was still forming and not yet progressing, or start my own guild. I decided to give the already forming guild a try. You know, being a good indian instead of a chief.

Joined the other guild, we raided for a while. The GL broke up with his girlfriend, a holy paladin much like myself (gender bending). Some time later a holy paladin, a leveling one, joined the guild and seemed to ingratiate herself with the Guild Leader (and every other tank in the guild).

She gquit and in her wake drama happened. The end result was that my tank was driven from the guild. This made me very... very unhappy. At around the same time, my shadowpriest buddy came back from emoquitting and started leveling to 80.

The next week the GL demonstrated himself to be utter fail and confronting me on low numbers of the meters. (Despite the fact that the person I was healing complimented me on my very good preformance. The GL claimed I casted far less than I actually did.) Apparently he didn't know that combat logs have a range and that meters aren't always terribly accurate. He was likely running a meter that wasn't synched with others and... yeah.

Being a snarky bastard, I point out that he should be using WWS instead of meters and other things and got gkicked. Seeing as how I was contemplating if I should stay or go, all the GL wound up doing was helping me make my descision faster.

My druid budd left with me, and in a few hours, the holy paladin who had previously gquit was suddenly back in the guild and so was her boyfriend. Curious.

I had already previously chartered the name I wanted to use for a guild, should I ever decide to start one. It's of the same namesake as the guild I ran on the other server... because it was an awesome name. I still talk to some of the folks on the other server, so we really like two parts of the same guild spanning two (both very old release) servers.

I can only imagine what the GL of my prior guild was thinking when I was wearing a new tag less than five minutes later. I decided that, rather than try to explain to people who asked me why I left/got gkicked from my previous guild, I'd simply link a screenshot of the conversation log between myself and the former GL (along with the message from the tank I was healing praising my good job healing and a comment about meter accuracy and junk with link from elitist jerks).

Needless to say, quite a few people thought the GL was a jerk and a fucktard. Two days later he emoquit from the game, leaving the guild to a meter to a young and fairly impulsive dps DK. Of course in his emoquit post, the former GL blamed my tank and I. He left directions for that group to go back to ten man, and the guild seems to be slowly bleeding out.

I decided that I have to be a Chief. I can't be an Indian. We're clearing Naxx10 and OS10 with friends.

I'm hoping that I, having learned from my own mistakes in the past, and from the things that drove me to consider leaving my previous guilds, that I can make a more perfect guild. Often times people stay where they are because there aren't other options. When it comes to being a late night raiding guild, it's even more pronounced.

So here I am, at 5:15am, with 10 toons at 70+, two at 80, two guilds (one being my personal storage space) with five tab banks each, in the company of good friends and good players, starting my own raiding guild... and writing this post.

One thing that won't happen, is flirtatious females getting all up in my business trying to poon their way to officership or fat loots. Because I'm a crazy dual boxing altoholic gamer chick and that crap doesn't work on me.

And that's that. Welcome to my blog.


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