Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BoA, DKs, and Dualboxing

The shadowpriest friend who recently returned to the game has decided he wants to grind rep and stuff like that and is having trouble soloing old content (strat, dire maul, etc) because he's a squishy cloth wearer.

He has a second account he hasn't used in a while and is considering reactivating and leveling something. The problem is that he hates leveling. As such, he asked me a pair of questions.

"If I create a DK on this account, can I transfer it onto the other account?"

Of course, I did not know the answer to this, but some googling found the answer for me: Yes, you can transfer a DK to another account that does not have a level 55+ character on it already.

You cannot transfer a DK to another account where your destination server already has a DK.

The second question he asked me was: "If I get Bind on Account items for my DK, and I transfer it to another account, what will happen to the Bind on Account items?"

Again, googling, I discovered a blue post stating that yes, BoA items will transfer with characters that are changing servers or being moved to another account.

Mind you, accounts must be in your name in order to transfer them.

This, as an altoholic, makes me excited. My main is a healer and I get plenty of badges, but much less on my hunter.

Combine this with, say, RAF, and I could start five-boxing with the bind on account items on top of the RAF bonus. Of course, the cost to start that up is an additional 25 dollars for those extra three accounts, but the benefit would be leveling faster with both RaF and BoA junk.

In essence, time is money.

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